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lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Grecia es la economia más regulada de la OCDE

La salida del euro no es la solución para Grecia

Miranda Xafa:
If Greece drops out of the Eurozone, the inevitable adjustment to a lower standard of living will be unfairly distributed because it will happen through inflation. Low-income people are the most exposed to inflation because they do not own foreign bank accounts or other inflation-protected assets. The redenomination of all contracts from euros to drachmas is tantamount to expropriation of savings, while large debtors will benefit –including Greece’s two main political parties, which have borrowed three times their annual budget subsidies from a state-controlled bank. It is also doubtful that Greece would attract much investment from abroad. Who would guarantee the stability of the drachma after its devaluation? Surely not the same political system that brought Greece to the brink of disaster. No Greek exporter, hotel, or restaurant will convert euro income into drachmas, knowing that the drachma tomorrow will be worth less than today. The drachma would be the main currency for government employees and pensioners only. The result would be economic chaos and uncontrollable social explosion.

What led Greece into this mess is its ineffective, incompetent, and corrupt political establishment, which viewed politics as a means of providing favours to special interest groups in exchange for vote-buying. If you offer the printing press to this political system, it will just go back to business as usual. It is by cutting off their access to cash, by remaining in the euro, that you can force political change along with economic change.